Manoel Marques / Codex on the flight of birds 


Manoel Marques (March 28, 1977) is a Brazilian photographer born in Piauí / Brazil. He moved to Sweden in 2008 and works as director and curator at the Sandgrund Lars Lerin museum in Karlstad / Sweden.

Manoel exhibited his photos at the Sandgrund museum, Abecita Art Museum, The Royal Library in Stockholm and Linköping Art Hall and has published several books, including the photography book "Children in Mozambique", as well as publications in partnership with Lars Lerin.

Manoel is also a collaborator of Lars Lerin in the TV series “Vänligen Lars Lerin”, broadcast on Swedish television and assisted by more than 1.3 million people. Manoel collaborated with Lars Lerin again in 2018, in another television series, "Lars Lerins lärlingar", also broadcast on Swedish television.