Shoe Story

Jörn has walked in countless countries and cities, on roads and streets, in homes and houses, and his shoes offer the symbolic shapes of a rare and fruitful multifaceted life. I have long been trying to find out what this life mean. Who is my father, what kind of life has he really lived? How to summarize a long, mad and glorious life as his? How to make a uniform and truthful picture from this patchwork? One can write, and this Jörn did among many other things. With his production he offers us his truth, while Isabella Cabral's paintings offer another one. Isabella's works are portraits in a different way – a picture of a man through his old shoes, witnesses of a long journey. Of course, the absolute truth cannot be achieved, but I would say that these portraits are a valuable and innovative representation. Shoes can be tools and symbols, and in this case, shoes are art.

Rafael Donner, 2018