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Isabella Cabral / “Real”, paintings, 2014 - 2017

The collection of Real paintings portrays the Brazilian animals honored in the banknotes of Real, the currency in Brazil since July 1994.

The 7 different values of the banknotes show the following animals:

1 Real – Beija-Flor: Picture of a Hummingbird. It is found mainly in South America and more than a hundred species are found in Brazil.

2 Reais – Tartaruga Marinha: Picture of a Hawksbill Turtle, one of the five sea turtle species found in the Brazilian coast.

5 Reais - Garça: Picture of a great egret, long-legged wading bird. Species representative of the fauna found in the Brazilian territory.

10 Reais - Arara: Picture of a Greenwing Macaw, large colorful parrot. It is found in the Brazilian territory and in other Latin-American countries.

20 Reais – Mico-Leão Dourado: Picture of a Golden Lion Tamarin, reddish orange to golden brown primate and with long tail, native to the Atlantic forest of Brazil. It is a symbol of the struggle for the preservation of endangered Brazilian species.

50 Reais – Onça Pintada: Picture of a Jaguar, large and beautiful feline, threatened with extinction, but still found mainly in the Amazon Basin and in the Mato Grosso forests.

100 Reais - Garoupa: Picture of a Dusky Grouper, fish of the family Serranidae, and it is one of the most known found in the Brazilian coast.